Central Plaza

The Central Plaza is an ever-expanding social hub where players can meet up, socialize and play seasonal mini-games. The plaza will be linked to the following entertainment spaces:

Sports Arena
Large arena featuring sports such as Basketball, Football, Trivia and Dreams Central’s exclusive Spaceball.

The Beach
Tropical beach with a summer vibe. This beach will have many activities such as Jet-ski racing, Surfing, Volleyball and Flugtag.

Community Zone
Public space dedicated to showcasing the best talent in the Dreams community. This space features 3 areas: The Cinema, Gallery & Dream Showcases.

Modern hub featuring a large variety of arcade games, pool, air hockey & bowling.

Paradise Park
Amusement park featuring many different themed attractions such as interactive roller-coasters, bumper cars, mini-golf, carnival games and more.

The Central Plaza is a tropical resort-like hub with modern architecture. This modern theme will be apparent throughout the different core spaces.

outdoor 3
Tropical & modern environment example

Each core space in the Central Plaza will have clearly themed exterior design so players can easily distinguish between areas.

outdoor 2
Entertainment plaza with themed modern architecture

We want to keep the Central Plaza active with new events, spaces, mini-games and seasonal updates to add immersion and make the space feel diverse.

The events we’re creating will be the heart of the Central Plaza. This includes temporary and seasonal events, either interactive events that players can take part in or environmental events that add more variety to the plaza.

Interactive events could include:

Aqua Parkour
Time Trial (Summer)

Zombie Invasion
Co-op Shooter (Halloween)

Snowball Wars
PvP Competitive (Winter)

Summer Games
Sports Tournament on The Beach.

Environmental events could include:

Temporarily destroys areas in the plaza

Electrical Outage from Storm
Nighttime cue for Zombie Invasion

UFO Crash
Quest rewards player with alien technology

Santa’s Delivery
Drops currency from his flying sleigh.

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