Meet up with other players in the Central Plaza and play a variety of sports in the Sports Arena, check out The Beach for a game of volleyball, various water sports or chill out and play a relaxing game of checkers. You could also visit the Arcade and play some pool, bowling, air hockey and some arcade classics.

Paradise Park is our theme park which features many different themed attractions such as interactive roller-coasters, bumper cars, mini-golf, escape rooms, carnival games and much more. Over time there will be more themed areas added to Paradise Park with their own unique attractions and mini-games.

Players can customize their appearance with our in-game Appearance Editor and will initially have a basic selection to choose from. Once players earn coins from playing mini-games or completing challenges, they will be able to purchase clothing, costumes & accessories from the Shopping Mall in the Transit Station.

There will also be exclusive clothing items & costumes which can only be unlocked by playing mini-games & completing challenges. Overall, players will have thousands of combinations to choose from and many items to find.

The Apartment Complex is an exclusive space for players to spend their coins on a selection of modern apartments and penthouses. Most of these properties will be high-end so players have something to strive for, however, everyone will have access to a basic apartment when they enter Dreams Central

Players can decorate their apartments with furniture and appliances they’ve earned or purchased. It’s the perfect place to practice your interior design skills. Aside from decorating, the complex is mainly a social space for players to chill out in, listen to music & challenge a friend to a game of pool or air hockey. 

Dreams Central will feature seasonal updates throughout the year to create an ever-changing environment and to keep the spaces active. This means that the entire resort will be redesigned based on the seasons.

For example, during winter all areas will be covered in snow and the Central Plaza will feature winter themed mini-games such as Snowball Wars. Stores will sell limited seasonal items to create exclusivity and allow players to have rare item collections.

Adventure Trials are group activities which require teamwork and co-ordination to complete. These are some of the toughest challenges in Dreams Central and are certainly the most rewarding. Each Adventure features it’s own unique environment, with monsters guarding the royals. What treasure lies beyond?

Our creative team is building Dreams Central from the ground up with the community in mind and we will be hosting community events and interacting with players as much as possible. We’ll also have a space dedicated to community creations which will be frequently updated to help give creators recognition as well as show players the best community content at the time.

The Community Zone is a public space dedicated to showcasing the best talent in the Dreams community. This space features 3 areas: The Cinema, Gallery & Dream Showcases and will showcase community animations, sculptures, character designs, & Creator of the Week. Featured creators will be rewarded with exclusive items.

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