Paradise Park

Paradise Park is a tropical amusement park located north of the Central Plaza. The park features many themed attractions and will initially be separated into 2 different areas: the theme park and the water park. Over time there will be more themed areas added to Paradise Park with their own unique attractions and mini-games.

The park will have a tropical design and will feature attractions with modern and specifically themed architectural styles.

design 1
Theme park design example

The water park will have a natural environment with tiki architecture.

design 3
Water park design example
Tiki themed Log Flume design

A high speed rollercoaster where players earn points by shooting balloons.

Arena Brawl
Bumper cars type mini-game where players fight to stay in the arena.

Classic mini-golf featuring challenging courses with unique obstacles.

Night Crypt
A horror-themed escape room where players shoot monsters to survive.

A carnival style parkour-platformer with various puzzles and obstacles.

Jump Flume
A large open waterslide with many huge drops and a parkour twist.

A large enclosed waterslide with many twists and turns. Players each get their own tube and collect points by sliding into point bubbles.

River Rapids
1 large tube flows down the speedy River Rapids. All players must control the raft cooperatively to get the fastest time.

Lazy Lagoon
A casual ride that flows around the whole island. No objectives, no challenge, just relaxation.

Zorb Race
Each player gets inside a transparent inflatable orb and races through a challenging track on water.

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