Sports Arena

The Sports Arena is a space for players to come together and challenge each other in various sports mini-games. Initially, the Arena will feature Football Shootout, Trivia, Basketball, Basketball Shootout and Dreams Central’s exclusive – Spaceball.

The Sports Arena exterior will be a large stadium, similar to contemporary football stadiums.

Stadium architectural style #1
exterior 5
Stadium architectural style #2

Inside the Sports Arena, the main space will act as a hub to the different sports mini-games. A compact layout with different paths lets players know every gamemode that’s available.

Sports Arena hub interior example

Football Shootout
Football Shootout is a classic turn-based penalty shootout game mode with different point-based targets on goal.

A top-down multiplayer quiz arena separated into 4 coloured zones, 1 for each answer. Players must walk into the correct zone for each question.

Standard and Shootout. Standard is classic 1v1 or 2v2 action. Shootout features 4 baskets and has players shoot as many as they can within the time limit.

A gravity-defying competitive arena with a twist. This exclusive Rocket League inspired game mode features various power-ups and multiple arenas.

2 thoughts on “Sports Arena

  1. Great idea. Sounds really fun! Even just as a place to go for couch co-op .
    I do think you might need to rethink the quiz one – in a 1 v 1 game it’d be easy to just follow the other person’s answer if you. Maybe the answers could be given secretly then the players’ walks are triggered similar to how Knowledge is power works?


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