Transit Station

The Transit Station is the first space players will enter in Dreams Central. This space features a Shopping Mall with a wide variety of stores which sell equippable items, clothing, music and furniture for apartments.

In addition to the mall, players will be able to use the train to travel to various Adventure Trials which are themed group-survival worlds offering exclusive rewards upon completion.

The Transit Station will be an ultra-modern space with a clean design and nature elements.

Transit Station design example

Shopfronts will vary in style but still keep the modern design similar to many shopping centres.

Modern shopfront designs

Each Adventure Trial will have it’s own unique themed environment & enemies.

Adventure Trial #1 – design example
Adventure Trial #2 – design example

Adventure Trials are group-survival worlds which require teamwork and co-ordination to complete. These are some of the toughest challenges in Dreams Central and are certainly the most rewarding. Each Adventure features it’s own unique environment, with monsters guarding the royals. What treasure lies beyond?

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