Community Update #1 – Rebuilding!

Hello all! We hope you’re doing well. A fair bit of time has passed since we gave an update, so we’re here to do exactly that and tell you what’s been going on behind the scenes since the Kickstarter. We’ll also tell you a bit about future plans and what our current scope is for development. So let’s begin!


A big focus for us has been rebuilding; we’re aiming to improve the overall look and feel to the game. Due to this, Dreams Central will not be released in 2022 as it simply isn’t ready. We want the game to be filled with content and released in a super shiny and polished state for you to have the best possible experience on launch.

We’ve come a long way since our announcement trailer and the resort has been completely revamped to give a more modern look to the environments you’ll be living in. Here’s a comparison of the Central Plaza before and after.

Central Plaza – Trailer Version

Our central meeting spot as shown in the Announcement trailer.

Central Plaza – New Version

A shiny updated version with new architecture, lighting and overall design.

We’re sure you’ve seen the Plaza before though, so here’s the Sportswalk. This space acts as a gaming hub, connecting to arcades and the Sports Arena which hosts a variety of minigames and activities.

Sportswalk – Public Space

Activities & Experiences – Our vision

Our vision for an active virtual world is large in scope and promotes collaboration in all aspects. We want to create a world which brings both creators and players together and build something as expansive as The Oasis in Ready Player One.

To do this, we aim to act as a hub for creators and brands to bring their experiences into our universe and connect them in a way that’s immersive and makes sense. For example, if somebody wanted to build a secret base on the moon, you have to take a rocket to get there.

Eventually, if our full vision comes to life, Dreams Central will feature sponsored spaces & events, community or brand-made apartments, community or brand-made theme park spaces & attractions, branded clothing & furniture, and more.

Red Bull Air Race – Sponsored Public Space example from PlayStation Home

To kickstart this idea, we’ve built a variety of community spaces which will be dynamic and allow creators to feature their creations within Dreams Central. The cinema and arcade are prime examples for this. The cinema has 4 auditoriums to allow team-picked animations and shows & the arcade has a variety of cabinets for team-picked retro games.

You can apply to have your creations featured in these spaces on release here:

BattleBall Hub

BattleBall is a turf wars minigame that was initially planned to be multiplayer only, but we’re creating a single player experience too with BattleBall Masters (akin to Pokemon Gym Leaders) which you will challenge in a series of 1v1 boss battles.

Here’s the BattleBall Hub, which can be found in the Bounce Nightclub.

BattleBall Hub – Public Space

Sneak Peak – Personal Tablet

Introducing the new Personal Tablet (Name TBD). This device brings all your menus into one place and allows easy super easy navigation in case you ever get lost..

Personal Tablet – Work in progress

We wanted to give you the option to manage your items on-the-go with a touch of a button, and we thought a tablet would be the perfect way to do it. This is a very early prototype bare in mind so it may be subject to change!


We’re currently working on more ways to traverse the island and Segway’s are now one of them!

Vehicle Prototype Testing Ground

Hit us up on Twitter @Dreams_Central if you have any locomotion ideas you’d like to see in game.


We heard some people were not so happy with the characters in our first trailer so we listened and are in the process of completely remaking them as well as all clothing items, accessories and animations. Although they will be in a similar style to the originals, we think our new avatars will be more appealing.

We’re not in a position to showcase them yet but we hope to have something for you soon!

That’s all folks!

That’s all we have for this update. We’ll be back soon™ with some more behind the scenes development.

Much love!

– The Dreams Central Team

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