Flugtag International Logo PNG

Flugtag is a well established event created by Red Bull in which competitors attempt to fly home-made vehicles off a pier into the sea in order to get the furthest distance.

We have decided to bring this event to the Dreamiverse and are currently constructing the experience on the beachfront of the Dreams Central resort to be featured on release.



All hands on deck. To kick-start the community spirit, we’re hosting our first creative competition in search of Flugtag vehicle designs that are out of this world bananas. This is where you enter the scene to show us how creative (and crazy) you really are.

Flugtag is known for it’s bizarre craftsmanship and we want to see what weird, wacky and wonderful ideas are waiting to be crafted into existence. We will be featuring the best 5 community designs in-game alongside additional exclusive prizes.


1st Place:

  • Flugtag design featured in-game
  • 50,000 Credits
  • Golden Construction Helmet

2nd Place:

  • Flugtag design featured in-game
  • 35,000 Credits
  • Silver Construction Helmet

3rd Place:

  • Flugtag design featured in-game
  • 20,000 Credits
  • Bronze Construction Helmet

4th Place:

  • Flugtag design featured in-game
  • 10,000 Credits 
  • Classic Construction Helmet

5th Place:

  • Flugtag design featured in-game
  • 5,000 Credits 
  • Classic Construction Helmet



We’ll be judging entries on the following:

  • Creativity – How unique the Flugtag design and overall concept is.
  • Appeal –  Is it colourful? Does it stand out? Is it beautiful? Does it pout?
  • Function – Think aerodynamics. An 8-tier cake probably won’t break records.

Although you’ll be focusing on the function of the Flugtag, this is just visually; we’ll be working on the mechanics so don’t worry about that.

Need creative inspiration? We’ve foraged a video showcasing some of the best Flugtag attempts in the past. Learn from the best or fall like the rest.