Paradise is coming

We’re building a world filled with fun, games, relaxation and good vibes for you to experience a new era of casual gaming.

The Dreams Central resort is a series of spaces built for both relaxation and entertainment. Visit the Arcade Lounge and play some casual games of pool, bowling and air hockey, or check out the Sports Arena and have a go at minigolf or other exclusive minigames like BattleBall. These are just a selection of activities available in Dreams Central. Over time, we plan to add more official games as well as feature community games.

Arcade Lounge
BattleBall – Bounce Nightclub Map

Paradise Park is our planned theme park which will feature many different themed attractions such as interactive roller-coasters, bumper cars, mini-golf, escape rooms, carnival games and much more. This network of spaces will be a huge undertaking but we’re super excited to share the experience with you.

You can customize your appearance with our in-game Appearance Editor and will start the game with a basic selection of clothing to choose from. Once you earn credits from playing mini-games or completing challenges, you will be able to purchase clothing, costumes & accessories from the shopping mall in the Transit Station.

Appearance Editor
Fusion – Clothing Store

There will also be exclusive clothing items & costumes which can only be unlocked by playing mini-games & completing challenges. Overall, you will have thousands of combinations to choose from and many items to find.

The Apartment Complex is a planned public space in the resort for you to spend your credits on a selection of modern apartments and penthouses. Most of these properties will be high-end so you have something to strive for, however, everyone will have the opportunity to have their own free apartment within Dreams Central. A small selection of personal spaces will also be available to purchase throughout the resort.

Garden Villa – Interior

You can customize your personal spaces with furniture and appliances you’ve earned or purchased. It’s the perfect spot to practice your interior design skills. Aside from decorating, the complex is mainly a social space for you to chill out in, listen to music & challenge a friend to a game of pool or air hockey. 

Our creative team is building Dreams Central from the ground up with the community in mind and we will be hosting community events and competitions as well as interacting with players as much as possible. We’ll also have spaces dedicated to community creations which will be frequently updated to help give creators recognition as well as show players the best current community content.

Cinema Auditorium

The Cinema is a public space dedicated to showcasing the best animations and shows in the Dreams community. There is also the Community Arcade which features games and a Gallery showcasing art installations, paintings and characters, all made by the community.

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