Want to be featured in Dreams Central’s resort or theme park? You’ve come to the right place. There are many ways to have your Dreams creations present on our tropical island.

What can I submit?


If you have a game to submit, our Community Arcade should cover that. Either create your own arcade machine, use our template or allow us to design a cabinet for you.


The Gallery in the resort is the go to space to admire the artwork the Dreams community has created. From paintings to sculptures to art installations, this ever-changing space will have you coming back for more.


The Cinema is a public space which features shows, animations, VR experiences and more. There are 4 auditoriums so spaces are limited, but we’ll be consistently updating them to allow for an evolving and exciting experience.

Rides and attractions

Our Theme Park is a huge undertaking, so we’ll need the community’s help to make it as fun as possible. If you have any attractions planned that would be perfect for a theme park let us know! This could include rollercoasters, bumper cars, shooting galleries, parkour challenges, you name it. If it’s fun we’ll feature it!

Submission Info

  • GAMES – Creators that send game submissions for the Community Arcade will either create their own arcade machine designs from scratch, use a template (which can be found here) or request for us to design one for you.

  • ART – Approved art such as paintings, sculptures or art installations will feature in The Gallery on Dreams Central’s release.

  • ANIMATIONS – Creators that send animation submissions for the Cinema will be sent the Auditorium, if approved, for you to customise to your liking and send back our way once completed.

  • RIDES & ATTRACTIONS – Approved attractions or rides will be featured in our Theme Park with the assistance of the creator.

How do I submit?

If your creation is public you can submit using the form below.
If your creation is private or just an idea contact us to discuss further.

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